Sunday, July 26, 2015

On the Absence of Sincerity...

On the Absence of Sincerity...
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A lot of good things fail due to the absence of sincerity.
As the saying goes: "Sincerity is like a Black Ant, on a Black Rock, in the Darkest Night. It Exists, but Very Difficult to See." - Husni Adnan

On the BBL [Bangsamoro Basic Law]

Sincerity for peace? Just how sincere are the parties involved? - Delay in the submission of draft BBL, failure to meet deadlines, tragic death of SAF 44, questions on the constitutionality of BBL provisions. "Without sincerity, peace can never be and will never be!"

"Delay is the operative word to describe the status of the BBL in the legislative mill. MalacaƱang is partly to be blamed for the delay, as it was able to submit the draft bill only in September 2014. But the bill suffered delay not only because of failure to meet deadlines. It also suffered setback due to questions over sincerity for peace."

On the FOI [Freedom of Information]

Sincerity for Freedom of Information? Just how sincere are the parties involved? - FOI languishing in Congress for 28 years now, FOI repeatedly killed by our very own "Representatives" through "lack of quorum," and preparing a version that ensures exemptions to the general rule of transparency." "Without sincerity, information will never be free!"

"Cebu City Rep. Raul Del Mar said the FOI bill has been languishing in Congress for 28 years. He said he first saw the FOI in the 8th Congress during his first stint as representative. The FOI had its first taste of luck under the 14th Congress in 2010 when it reached bicameral conference, but it was killed due to lack of quorumThe passage of the FOI would have institutionalized a culture of transparency in the government about its transactions. But critics have said the approved bill was adopted from MalacaƱang’s version of the bill studded with several exemptions to the general rule of transparency."

It's like saying "You can only see it with one eye."

On the APD [Anti-Political Dynasty]

Sincerity against Political Dynasty? Just how sincere are the politicians? They who come from political clans themselves? Are they going to let this through when they know very well that it will impact on their personal and political interests? Politicians will never allow the passage of a bill that is designed to cut their tentacles!" 

Another bill stalled in the House was the measure prohibiting the proliferation of political dynasties. The measure intends to put a dynasty cap of one relative per politician. Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr., who himself has relatives in elective positions, wanted the bill to be amended to allow at least two relatives in public office

The original dynasty cap of one family member in an elective position was criticized on the floor, for it would mean laying off at least 180 members of the 290-strong chamber. Meanwhile, a dynasty cap of at least two family members in politics would affect only 60 of 290 members.

Speaker Belmonte has said he wanted the bill to be passed on second reading before the congressional break on June 10, but it failed to get through amid a reported walkout by lawmakers to avoid a quorum.

Now, the anti-political dynasty bill would remain in a coma until other priority bills are finished. Gonzales said the challenge in the controversial bill is the opposition from congressmen who came from political clans themselves.

"Without sincerity, we can never put an end to political dynasty!"