Saturday, February 7, 2009

I am Catwizkers.

Let's talk about what's happening.

The Senate is irrelevant?

The World Bank refuses to provide its report to the Senate.
Hofman is not arrogant.
World bank has provided its report to "relevant" authorities in the Philippines, and therefore the report cannot be shared with the Senate.
The Senate may be too proud. Hofman's letter only said that the report has been provided to relevant authorities. It was Senator Mirian who said that "ergo" the Senate is irrelevant. Basic argument, di ba? Ka immature naman yata?
Why can't the Senate accept this?
Why does the Senate always want to be relevant in almost anything? Are they doing all the relevant things for the people?

We have a copy of the report provided by the World Bank to the DOF and the Ombudsman.
Why not require these offices to present the report. Let the head of these agencies testify. Aysus!

Si Senator Ping naman, he can be very relevant if he comes out with real and credible witnesses and evidences rather than just the incredible innuendos. Nanghihinayang at nabibitin din naman kami sa ginagawa niyo. Mag-iingay sa simula tapos wala naman pala. If you are really serious with your accusations then, be relevant - do a "complete senate-like work." Senator, relevant ba yan?

Another very relevant observation:

People implicated in any controversy will now have a new response to querries from the media - "I will consult my doctor." It's no longer the famous line - "I will consult my lawyer." Galing ano?

Sometimes we do not have to create noise to be relevant. Our actions will make us relevant.

Only God is relevant to everyone, everywhere, anytime.