Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Unsolicited Advise... for Sen. Nancy...

Sen. Nancy Binay
"After making the announcement [PDI, January 20, 2015] that the committee on social justice, welfare and rural development is scheduled to hold its first hearing on alleged irregularities in the administration’s conditional cash transfer (CCT) program on January 22, 2015, Senator Nancy Binay has decided to reschedule the first hearing [PDI, January 21, 2015]. Binay said the hearing on the CCT would push through at a later date."

The postponement of the committee hearing will be good for the chairperson and members of the committee on social justice, welfare and rural development. At least they will have enough time to reflect and do their homework prior to the committee hearing. Don't worry, it doesn't matter whether you are able or unable to prove the "alleged irregularities". What is important is that you are businesslike, thorough and orderly rather than confused or mixed up with your actions. The Filipino people deserve a methodical and intelligent committee hearing. 

To ensure that the public will be able to witness an intelligent senate inquiry, which accordingly is intended to determine how the CCT's implementation can be made more efficient, it would be fine for the committee to be objective and study the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program Business Process and Systems Flow first. Knowing the policies and procedures of the program will enable the committee to formulate logical questions rather than politically motivated queries; gather true information from true beneficiaries to gain insight on how they are being served which cannot be done by a rehearsed witness; gather reliable information from DSWD workers to establish how they perform their tasks to serve the poor; gather verified information from stakeholders to appreciate their support to the program; understand the COA report to include the DSWD's response to the issues [which unfortunately were not included in the PDI report last year]; and yes, gather more information to determine if indeed there are convincing reasons that would warrant the hearing. I am sure that this preparatory exercises can only result to two things, either you are able to formulate questions revealing your sound judgment or decide that the hearing is not necessary after all. 

Conducting the hearing without knowing these details may result to a stupid or illogical inquiry. The public will not appreciate the committee hearing if it will only prove to be a fishing expedition [an investigation that does not stick to a stated objective but hopes to uncover incriminating or newsworthy evidence]. If you skip, refuse or fail to do your homework, then the committee hearing will never be sensible or logical. Worse it will only be a waste of people's money.